Company Profile

Trojan, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. In operation since 1960, Trojan, Inc. manufactures and markets  SAF-T-COTE shatter-resistant lighting products.

SAF-T-COTE® incandescent lamps are coated with Teflon® and Silicone, while our fluorescent lamps are coated with a special Polymer. All three coatings are applied to various lamp styles, sizes and wattages and have a wide variety of uses within the food-processing industry, as well as within industrial markets, manufacturing industries, and governmental agencies.

The use of SAF-T-COTE® lighting products in your workplace gives you a safe and easy solution to all your protective lighting needs. All  SAF-T-COTE® lamps have USDA approval and comply with FDA and OSHA requirements. SAF-T-COTE® lighting products are NSF Certified.


Meadville Lamp, a division of Trojan, Inc., is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania and has been in operation since 1972. The manufacturer of Hytron® long-life lighting products, Meadville Lamp supplies industrial, institutional, and municipal markets as well as governmental agencies. Meadville Lamp is the largest independent lighting manufacturer in the United States. The Hytron® product line consists of 25-watt through 300-watt lamps, inside and outside flood and spot lights, colored and clear lamps, and rough service/vibration service lamps. A full line of traffic signal, quartz-halogen, and high-intensity discharge lamps are also available. Through our private label program, Meadville Lamp supplies many lamps under other-known consumer labels.